Where Tom stands on important issues

Grow the Economy and Create Jobs

Let’s Grow! There is simply not enough being done to bring more businesses that provide quality jobs to the Pocatello/Chubbuck area.  It is difficult for anyone to hear that Pocatello is being passed over by prospective businesses that are looking to relocate, expand or start up in our area.

I will work with state and local economic organizations to bring more higher-paying jobs to the people of our district.  If we do this, we will increase our tax base, which should reduce tax rates for everyone.

We also need to support our local businesses by removing hurdles for them such as needless regulations and other high costs of doing business.  I will work with local and state entities to remove obstacles that our local businesses face.

Support High-Quality Education

Some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done is getting involved to improve schools in our area.

I was directly involved in the sale of property owned by my family so that our area’s third high school, Century High School, could be built.  Because quality education has always been a strong value for me growing up in Pocatello, my family sold that property at a 30% discount and donated the difference in order to build a quality high school in our community.

Previously, I also worked diligently to garner funding for the construction of Shoshone-Bannock Jr. /Sr. High School in Fort Hall.  It became a model of success for Indian country.

Our community has incredible schools and an outstanding university.  I will work hard to ensure that our educational institutions have the resources they need to continue to improve the high quality education that is critical to grow our local and state economy.

Reduce Taxes and Spending

Our taxpayers need to keep more of their money.  Our property taxes are too high.

I will work diligently to help Pocatello, Chubbuck, and Bannock County to grow economically and to diversify and increase our tax base.  We need to attract more industry, manufacturing, and other businesses to our area to provide our region with more opportunities to support our local community.

We also need to stop wasteful government spending.  I pledge to carefully oversee state spending to ensure that the tax dollars spent wisely and are used to provide quality resources for our district while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Uphold and Defend the Constitution

Laws enacted by the government should never infringe upon our Constitutional rights.

My dedication to our Constitution is unwavering.  We must promote public policy and make only those laws that are compatible with and preserve our Constitutional rights.

Our rights to free speech, religious freedom, the right to bear arms and all other liberties protected by both the U. S. Constitution and the Idaho Constitution are the fundamental rights of the people.  I have always worked to ensure that these rights are preserved and defended and will always continue to do so.

Support our Veterans

Community support of our nation’s heroes is essential.

My father, a WWII Veteran, and all other Veterans have instilled in me a deep appreciation and respect for those who fight for our freedoms.

Our Veterans need access to more quality resources.  I have worked hard to provide opportunities for our local Veterans and will work even harder for Veterans if elected to represent you as your State Senator.